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The Mindful Manifesto In The Media

How to enjoy living in the present moment (Guardian)

How the cure to your illness is all in your mindfulness (The Times). Unedited version. Read the version published in the Times (NB Paywall alert)

Happiness is...all in the mind (Mail on Sunday).

Mindful Manifesto: Book of the year (Mail On Sunday)

The Mindful Manifesto: Awareness, Engagement and Choice (Psychology Today)

The Mindful Manifesto: An interview with Ed Halliwell (Tricycle)

Second edition cover

The Mindful Manifesto - Book Review (Wildmind)

Mindfulness: Beyond The Science. (Guardian)

Mindfulness for a Mindless Age (Psychology Today)

Not a Typical Manifesto, But A Manifesto All The Same (

A Mindfulness Manifesto (Buddhist Geeks)

Mindfulness: The Altered State of America (Guardian)

What Happens When I Meditate (Healthy)

Stars' meditation technique gains mental health experts' approval (The Observer)

Zen and the art of bedtime: How we turned to meditation to stop the children's tantrums (The Independent)

This Column Will Change Your Life: Present Tense (The Guardian)

The Mindful Manifesto is one of the Top Ten most borrowed books from The House of Commons Library (Daily Mail)

An interview with Ed Halliwell (Life After Pain)

8 Ways To De-Stress With Mindfulness (Woman and Home)

The Mindfulness Manifesto: It's Time To Transform Your Life And The World (PsychCentral)

Giveaway and Interview: The Mindful Manifesto (Tiny Buddha)

Excerpt from The Mindful Manifesto (Wisdom magazine)

The Mindful Manifesto (Yoga Abode)

Book Review:The Mindful Manifesto (Reformulation)

Meditation is an emotional rollercoaster (Guardian)

Stressed Out? Try mindfulness meditation (Globe and Mail)

Ed Halliwell on mindfulness (School of Life blog)

Mindfulness (1) Teach Us To Sit Still (RSA blog)

The Mindful Manifesto (Psychologies)

How to get the happy habit (Evening Standard)

Mindfulness: The Key To A Healthier Society? (Video of the RSA book launch debate)

Help Yourself: How Does Self-Help Help? (School Of Life Self-Help Summit Video)

3 Tips for Being Mindful At Work (PsychCentral)

A Mindful Life (Sunday Times)

How to Eat Mindfully: Q and A with Ed Halliwell (PsychCentral)

How mindfulness can help with pain management (yourdocmedical)

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