October 2014

Dispositional mindfulness associated with better cardiovascular health (Medical Xpress)

September 2014

Stanford scholar helps veterans recover from war trauma (Stanford) Newly published research by Stanford scholar Emma Seppala shows how meditation and breathing exercises can help military veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

August 2014

CBT Mindfulness for Depression May Also Reduce MD Visits (PsychCentral)

July 2014

Can Mindful Managers Make Happier Employees (Greater Good)

June 2014

Mindfulness Can Avert Bodily Responses to Emotional Stress (Pacific Standard)

Mindfulness training may help Olympic athletes reach peak performance (Imperial Valley News)

May 2014

Can Mindfulness Help Adults Who Were Abused as Children? (Greater Good)

Don’t beat yourself up, you’ll live longer (Wildmind)

Meditation training may help reduce stress disorders among US military personnel(Medical XPress)

Exercising the Mind to Treat Attention Deficits (New York Times)

Studies Conclude Mindfulness Treats Addiction More Effectively Than Traditional Treatments (Florida Newswire)

April 2014

Can Mindfulness Help Kids Learn Self-Control? (Greater Good)

Mindfulness Therapy May Help Prevent Substance-Abuse Relapse in Long Term (Psychiatry Online)

Using Mindfulness to Control Addictions (Intellihealth)

How practising compassion alters the brain (Contemplating Cognition)

March 2014

Mindfulness therapy helps prevent drug and alcohol relapse (Reuters)

Always craving chocolate? MEDITATION could help: Study shows achieving 'a sense of detachment' reduces cravings (Daily Mail)

February 2014

A Mindful Way to Beat Chronic Pain and Painkiller Addiction (Health Line)

Mindful Doctors, Happy Patients (Greater Good)

January 2014

An antidote for mindlessness (The New Yorker). Includes details of a study looking at mindfulness training for student stress, attention etc

Mindfulness, CBT Could Ease Sleep Woes For Cancer Patients (Huffington Post)

Mindfulness helps undergraduates stay on track, study shows (Medical Xpress)

Meditation transforms roughest San Francisco schools (SFGate)

Meditation may help with anxiety, depression and pain (Reuters). Report on new large meta-analysis from JAMA.

December 2013

Higher trait mindfulness provides protection against potentially dangerous emotional highs - new study. (Forbes)

Study reveals gene expression changes with meditation (Uni Wisconsin)

November 2013

Mindfulness Training In Jail May Lower Anti-Social Behavior And Recidivism (Science 20)

Stress Reduction Through Meditation May Aid in Slowing the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease (Newswise)

Mindfulness inhibits implicit learning -- the wellspring of bad habits (Science Codex)

Mindfulness Could Make You Less Swayed By Immediate Rewards (Huffington Post)

‘Mindfulness’ training improves self-control for youth in jail (The Conversation)

October 2013

Mindfulness proves effective in depression and anxiety, but is not superior to traditional CBT (The Mental Elf)

Study shows mindfulness-oriented intervention may reduce chronic pain in adults (News Medical)

Mindfulness in Schools: Research Round-Up (Greater Good)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Results In Lower Blood Pressure (All Voices)

Can Mindfulness Help Make Better Teachers? Study shows less burnout + better classroom performance (Mindful)

September 2013

Mindfulness training improves attention in children (Alpha Galileo)

Meditate For More Profitable Decisions (Forbes)

Somatic Symptoms and Mindfulness-Based Practices (Good Therapy)

Easing Doctor Burnout With Mindfulness (New York Times)

Mindful Docs Get Better Reviews from Patients (Medpage Today)

Mindfulness at school reduces symptoms of depression among adolescents (MT magazine)

Acceptance Of What Can't Be Changed Is Key To Satisfaction In Later Life, Research Shows (Huffington Post)

Mindfulness Training Beneficial for Clinicians, Patients (Doctors Lounge)

Mindfulness Training Prevents Burnout, Boosts Compassion Among Doctors (Huffington Post)

Mindfulness Training Can Boost Children's Attention and Concentration Power (HNGN)

August 2013

When Empathy Hurts, Compassion Can Heal (Greater Good)

Study shows mindfulness training can help reduce teacher stress and burnout (Medical Xpress)

Mindfulness and Loss: How meditation helps let go of sunk-cost bias (Huffington Post)

Mindfulness-Based Therapy Reduces Paranoia (GoodTherapy.org)

Mindfulness meditation trims craving for tobacco (Eurekalert)

Meditation leads to an effective use of the brain (South China Morning Post)

Neuroscientists and the Dalai Lama Swap Insights on Meditation (Scientific American)

July 2013

The Morality of Meditation (New York Times) Explanation of study shedding more light on the meditation-compassion link

June 2013

Meditation’s Effects on Emotion Shown to Persist (PsychCentral)

Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering (Epoch Times)

How Positive Emotions Improve Our Health - new study based on loving-kindness meditation practice (Greater Good)

School Children Taught Mindfulness Suffer Reduced Stress (Medical News Today)

Enlightenment Engineer (Wired) Meditation and mindfulness are the new rage in Silicon Valley. And it’s not just about inner peace—it’s about getting ahead.

The Science Behind How Meditation Reduces Anxiety (Red Orbit)

May 2013

How to Train the Compassionate Brain A new study finds that training in compassion makes us more altruistic—and explores the neuroscience behind why. (Greater Good)

Study: Meditation and exercise could save billions for health care system, U.S. employers (University of Wisconsin)

Being compassionate toward others may be one of the best ways to improve your own health.(Time)

April 2013

Using mindfulness therapies to treat veterans’ PTSD (Scope)

Meditation and the art of investment (Reuters)

The science behind meditation, and why it makes you feel better (Io9.com)

Feeling cold? Why not try meditating - scientists prove you can use your brain to increase your core body temperature (Daily Mail)

Meditation can enhance mental health in students (Medical Xpress)

Meditating helps students get better grades (Daily Telegraph)

Even Brief Meditation Can Improve Student Performance (PsychCentral)

How meditation might boost your test scores (New York Times)

Can meditation make you a more compassionate person? (Wildmind)

Zen and the art of keeping the NHS bill under control (Guardian)

Meditation and the art of investment (Reuters)

Enlightening research shows meditation boosts compassion (News at Northeastern)

March 2013

Teachers says Relax - Mindfulness in Schools (BBC Breakfast)

Mindfulness improves reading ability, working memory and task focus (Science Daily)

Mindfulness from meditation associated with lower stress hormone (UC Davis)

Know Thyself: How Mindfulness Can Improve Self-Knowledge (Science Daily)

Mindfulness at school reduces (likelihood of) depression-related symptoms in adolescents (Science Daily)

Breathe in, breathe out a way to conquer students’ stress (The Globe and Mail)

Mindfulness improves emotional stability, sleep (PsychCentral)

February 2013

How meditation changes brain rhythms to sooth pain and depression (Naturalnews.com)

Tapping into the power of mindfulness (LA Times)

A few minutes to refocus (The Financial Times). Another mindfulness at work piece...

Mindfulness and meditation training could ease PTSD symptoms, researchers say (Washington Post)

Neural Basis for Benefits of Meditation (Science Daily). Here, it's all about the alpha waves.

Is Mindfulness Good For Business? (Mindful)

January 2013

Mindfulness: not solving difficult problems (RSA blogs). A discussion of the use of mindfulness in the workplace.

Meditation can ease pain from stress-related conditions like IBS and arthritis (Daily Mail)

Here’s why mindfulness works - A new meta-analysis of the entire scientific literature on mindfulness suggests why this popular new form of therapy actually works. (Science Nordic)

Improve job satisfaction with mindfulness (Fox News)

Mindful Leadership discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos (BBC News)

Mindfulness Meditation Empowers Homeless Youth (Good Therapy)

Mindfulness meditation may relieve chronic inflammation (Wildmind)

December 2012

Mindfulness at work: what are the benefits? (The Guardian)

Yoga and Mindfulness Programs Reduce Worksite Stress (Health Journeys)

Meditation gets thumbs-up for pain, more muted support for stress (LA Times). See also Meditation for pain relief gains respect from doctors (CBC News).

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy beneficial in diabetes (medicalxpress.com)

Now's the moment for mindfulness (Daily Telegraph)

Mindfulness as an effective treatment for insomnia (Wildmind)

Mindful eating helps with lowering weight and reducing blood sugar (Wildmind)

Meditation Expertise Changes Experience of Pain (HealthCanal.com)

MBSR associated with improvements in quality of life and stress levels in asthma patients (Health Journeys)

Meditation Influences Emotional Processing Even When You're Not Meditating: Study (Huffington Post)

November 2012

More than Good Vibes: Researchers Propose the Science Behind Mindfulness (HealthCanal.com)

Largest randomized-controlled study to date on mindfulness and children shows significant improvements in behavior (Wildmind)

Can meditation make you more empathic? (New York Daily News)

October 2012

To Cut Office Stress, Try Butterflies and Meditation? (Wall St Journal)

Legally Mindful - Report on the formation of the Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law - the first U.S. law school with a full mindfulness curriculum. (MIndful.org)

Compassion meditation may boost neural basis of empathy (Wildmind)

September 2012

Mindfulness treatment may improve mental health for adults with autism (Daily RX)

Mindfulness: helping employees to deal with stress (Personnel Today)

August 2012

Fighting loneliness and disease with meditation. CNN's take on the recent study by David Creswell with older adults.

Should you try online mindfulness? (Daily RX) Report on the bemindfulonline mindfulness course that Ed helped develop and teach.

Mindfulness Yoga Reduces Depression & Anxiety in Pregnant Women (Elevated Existence)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy found effective for people who've had only one or two episodes of depression (Royal College of Psychiatrists)

Study: Can MBSR help HIV-positive people who have acute stress? (mindful.org)

Mindfulness in first-time mothers leads to healthier babies (Business Standard)

Mindfulness reduces loneliness in older adults (Wildmind) Reduced inflammation tendency found - also v significant.

July 2012

Meditation can keep you more focused at work, study says (USA Today)

Mindfulness-based stress reduction programmes help reduce anxiety, depression and stress (Mental Elf). Major new review finds significant effect.

Meditation, Exercise Could Protect You From The Flu (Huffington Post). See also Meditation, exercise may cut sick days from colds (Reuters) and Exercise, meditation can beat back cold, flu (KTTC)

Further evidence that mindfulness might bolster creativity (R Psychologist)

Mindfulness Decreases Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients (Goodtherapy.org)

What are the benefits of mindfulness for psychologists and their clients? (American Psychological Association)

Does mindfulness aid insight problem solving? New study suggest so (R Psychologist)

June 2012

Tons of Work? Don't Hesitate To Meditate! Mindfulness meditation decreased stress levels of multitasking without sacrificing time (Daily RX)

Mindfulness helps Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam War Veterans sleep (Examiner.com)

Mindfulness May Reduce Physical Complications of Diabetes (Goodtherapy.org)

Meditation alters brain wiring in just a month (Daily Mail)

Expand your mindfulness (Management Today). Very interesting piece on mindfulness in business contexts.

Long term meditation leads to changes in brain organisation (Wildmind)

May 2012

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Can Help With Depression (Goodtherapy.org). Study suggesting mindfulness helps people who are currently depressed.

Teen brain benefits from mindfulness training (thestar.com)

Diabetes patients may reduce stress and depression through mindfulness training (Daily RX)

Controlled study finds mind-body stress reduction techniques effective in workplace (British Psychological Society)

Mindfulness meditation for the pain of fibromyalgia (msn.com). Report of apretty comprehensive study looking at stress hormones, attention and fatigue levels.

Entrepreneurs' Secret Anti-Stress Weapon (Inc.com)

Effects of mindfulness training in asthma 'comparable to inhalers' (Pulse)

Patients with diabetes or coronary heart disease benefit from mindfulness-based meditation (National Institute For Health Research)

Combating ADHD by Treating Child and Parent With Mindfulness Training (GoodTherapy.org)

Meditation and Communication Training Improves MD Care (PsychCentral)

Stress Reduction Ups Health Status in Type 2 Diabetes (Doctors Lounge)

Long-term meditation leads to changes in brain organization (Wildmind)

April 2012

OK, Google, Take A Deep Breath (New York Times). Good piece about Google's in-house mindfulness course.

How to stay focused in a world of distractions. Nice piece on mindfulness in business. (Mashable)

Meditation makes you more creative (but some kinds work better than others) (Wildmind)

Physicians are healing themselves through meditation (Montreal Gazette)

Use your mind to beat arthritis (Everyday health)

Meditation suppresses information overload, improves memory and eases pain (India.com)

Business Skills and Buddhist Mindfulness (Wall St Journal)

Decoding The Body Watcher (Scientific American). Piece on how the brain uses a different circuit for paying attention to the internal world, and how this can have implications for stress and illness

Meditation Improves Emotional Behaviours In Teachers (Wildmind)

Mindfulness and The Military: Does Self-Accpetance Help Veterans (PsychCentral)

Practice makes perfect for substance abuse mindfulness relapse program (Goodtherapy.org)

Lose weight by making every bite count (The Morning Call)

March 2012

Mindfulness Training Helps Teachers and Parents of Special Needs Children (Goodtherapy.org)

'Mindfulness' Stress Reduction Helps Breast Cancer Survivors (Doctors Lounge)

More evidence emerges that meditation strengthens the brain (Wildmind)

Neuroscience may explain the Dalai Lama: A new study reveals that meditation may increase empathy, benevolence (msnbc.com)

Pain Relief: Meditation Better Than Drugs, Study Finds (Northern Argus)

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy improves frontal control in bipolar disorder: a pilot EEG study (7th Space)

February 2012

Pain relief: meditation better than drugs, study finds (Sydney Morning Herald)

Once dismissed as pretentious but now brain scans prove Eastern philosophies can be effective in treating mental illness (Daily Mail)

Can you learn to be happy? (Telegraph). Goldie Hawn brings her mindfulness programmes to the UK.

Mindfulness Therapy Improves Bipolar Symptoms (Doctors Lounge)

Mindful eating as food for thought (New York Times)

January 2012

Breast cancer survivors use mindfulness to lower stress (About.com)

Some great BBC reports on the benefits of mindfulness meditation to start the year. They include Can Sitting Silently Be Good For Your Health (Radio 4, Today programme), Mind Over Matter: Can Meditation Bring Happiness (BBC Breakfast), and Scans 'show mindfulness meditation brain boost' (BBC Breakfast)

December 2011

Mindfulness Exercises Help Curb Stress And Fatigue Associated With Arthritis (Eureka Alert) and Mindfulness Program Eases Arthritis Symptoms (Med Page Today)

November 2011

Brain Imaging Illuminates Neuro Basis of Meditation (ABC News)

The benefits of practising compassion meditation (ABC News)

Mindfulness-based stress reduction for PTSD (Daily RX)

Meditation relieves IBS severity, randomised study finds (Gastroendo news)

Mindfulness training reduces risk of depressive relapse by at least a third, says new meta-analysis (Asian Correspondent)

Meditation really is good for the brain as study reveals it switches off areas linkedto ADHD and Alzheimers (Daily Mail)

How meditating may help the brain (CNN). Report on a study which shows meditators show less activity in the part of the brain linked to mind-wandering.

How meditation is helping children deal with stress (Globe and Mail) NB Beware clearing away thoughts fallacy

Meditation improves the immune system, research shows (Daily Telegraph). Report which also reveals some of the mechanisms of how mindfulness affects us.

October 2011

Teaching Doctors to be Mindful (New York Times). Report of a course teaching mindful communication to medics.

Your brain on meditation (mindful.org) Good piece outlining some of the latest mindfulness research

I'm not okay and niether are you (Sydney Morning Herald) Piece outlining some of the problems with 'positive' thinking, and how mindfulness can help

Goldie Hawn discusses teaching meditation and nueroscience to children (ABC Nightline, via Wildmind)

September 2011

Your brain on meditation: Studies show how meditating helps improve focus and minimize pain (Technology Review)

August 2011

Making happiness a habit with mindfulness. (Huffington Post) Piece on mindfulness for kids by Susan Kaiser Greenland

Meditation promotes rational thinking (Miller-Mccune)

July 2011

Getting relief from tinnitus may be mind over matter (ABC News)

Mindfulness behind bars (Greater Good)

Mindfulness meditation takes the goal out of sex (ABC News)

Meditation slows down age-related brain atrophy (Times of India) and Your brain doesn't look a day over 40, dear (mindful.org) and Does meditation change the brain? Can it slow aging? (Psychology Today)

Good summary of the science of mindfulness (Mindful.org)

June 2011

Towards a Mindful Society - an interview with Jon Kabat Zinn (mindful.org)

All in the Mind: Stress Special (including Mindfulness segment) (BBC Radio 4)

Mindfulness may ease irritable bowel symptoms (Reuters)

Integrative way: Hope for menopausal symptoms (Bellingham Herald)

How to cure shopping addiction (The Guardian)

Mindfulness and Horse therapy for veterans with PTSD (Daily Camera)

How UK musicians are working with mindfulness (Guardian)

Mindfulness can help us make more rational and compassionate financial decisions (Psychology Today)

Mindfulness can help with some menopausal symptoms. (Washington Post)

May 2011

Cancer survivors benefit from meditation: new data (mindful.org)

Mindful meditation might ease irritable bowel syndrome (US News)

It's time for your meditation - More than just an aid to wellbeing, the ancient discipline could soon be used to treat conditions from obesity to multiple sclerosis (Independent)

Meditation prescribed more often as alternative to conventional medicine, study finds (ABC News)

Mindfulness therapy fights stress and depression by teaching you how to 'own' the present (Daily Telegraph)

April 2011

How meditation may ward off the effects of ageing (The Observer)

Meditation may help the brain 'turn down the volume' on distractions, through enhanced control of alpha rhythms (Eurekalert)

Meditation makes people more rational decision-makers (USA Today)

Even beginners can curb pain with meditation (NPR) - some interesting brain scans to see here - and Meditation 'better than morphine' at easing pain (Daily Mail)

March 2011

Use mindfulness to manage pain (Irish Independent)

Being Mindful Eases Fear of Death and Dying (Times of India)

February 2011

Meditation beats dance for harmonising body and mind (UC Berkeley News Center)

How meditation helps beat stress by changing patterns of gene activity (The Times of India)

How meditation may change the brain (New York Times)

TV piece on the latest research on mindfulness from Massachussets (Fox News)

Mindfulness therapy puts the focus on improving the quality of body and spirit (Boston Globe)

January 2011

Until there’s a pill, “female Viagra” is all in your head - mindfulness and its impact on sex drive (Gay City News)

Mindfulness meditation may strengthen certain brain regions (wildmind)

Jon Kabat Zinn and others discuss mindfulness (BBC World Service)

Mindfulness therapy can treat anxiety, depression, experts say - latimes.com

December 2010

7 Mindfulness effective for depression (Fox News)

November 2010

11 Is a Wandering Mind an Unhappy One? (Time Magazine)

7 Mindfulness and Ecology, from Always Well Within.

7 Mindfulness for dentists - a resource to ease stress for dentist and patient

5 Meditation benefits linked to telomerase enzyme activity.

4 Huxley's reminder birds - how can we remember to pay attention (RSA blog)

3 Most 'do nothing to counter stress'. And how mindfulness can help...

October 2010

28 Can meditation change your brain? Contemplative neuroscientists believe it can (CNN)

18 Sleep school? It worked like a dream...Using mindfulness to work with insomnia

7 In-depth Shambhala Sun interview with Jon Kabat Zinn

2 Fully experiencing the present: a practice for everyone, religious or not. Interview in the LA Times with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

September 2010

29 Troops PTSD may be reduced with mind fitness (mindfulness training)

28 Mindfulness Meditation Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Researchers Say

27 Online mindfulness-based CBT helpful for IBS

23 The Neuroscience of Happiness - excellent descriptions of practices to develop contentment from Buddha's Brain author Rick Hanson.

20 Wellington college extends 'happiness lessons' to parents. Classes to include mindfulness training

16 What Everyone Should Know about How Stress Affects the Brain, and the impact of mindfulness

13 The anti-ageing health benefits of mindfulness meditation

8 On the need for mindful leadership in business

6 New study shows that even brief mindfulness training can reduce people's sense of pain

6 Mindfulness skills useful in addressing ADHD

2 Round-up of the latest mindfulness research studies from Mindful Experience.

August 2010

29 The Mindfulness Chronicles, on Ellen Langer's pioneering research.

29 Meditation acutely improves performance on certain tasks, and may decrease sleep need.

27 Great interview with Thich Nhat Hanh on mindful consumption and sustainability at the Guardian

24 Law School to Cultivate Peaceful and Ethical Lawyers Through 'Mindfulness' Techniques

22 'The Good News About Alzheimer's: How Mindfulness Can Heal Patients and the Ones Who Care for Them'

20 How meditation affects the brain (as compared to relaxation techniques)

10 Meditation Technique Changes Brain, Makes Mind Stronger, and may delay ageing

9 Round-up of the latest mindfulness research studies, from Mindful Experience

5 How Mindfulness Meditation Improves Relationships

4 US Army adopts mindfulness meditation

2 Effects of Brief and Sham Mindfulness Meditation on Mood and Caridovascular variables...

July 2010

31 New Study Investigates Mindfulness Meditation for Alcohol Relapse Prevention

31 Meditation boosts reaction time and reduces the need for sleep

20 Mindfulness training study to help military members combat the mental health effects of war.

19 The busy mind on meditation - Brief sessions can help with dealing with deadlines and pain relief

17 Mindful Motherhood Cassandra Vieten reports on her innovative training program offering stress relief to new moms - from the Greater Good Science Centre

16 The Greater Good Guide to Mindfulness - some great examples of settings where mindfulness is making a difference

16 Meditation helps increase attention span

15 Quiet Justice - Mindfulness in the practice of law

15 Mind/body techniques effective for chronic pain

14 Fine interview with Dan Siegel on mindfulness and the brain.

14 Meditation in the lab - good overview of scientific studies on mindfulness

11 Use your brain to relieve pain - more on mindfulness for pain

9 Meditation rescued me from misanthropy - by Tim Parks (New Statesman)

7 On mindfulness and plain speaking, by Deborah Schoeberlein (Huffington Post)

7 Mindful eaters less likely to be overweight

5 How meditation can develop skills in attention and compassion - first results from the shamatha project

3 'Mind-body' therapy shows promise for fibromyalgia

June 2010

28 Can mindfulness prevent doctors from burning out?

28 Norman Fischer on presenting meditation in Judaism, Zen - and at Google

26 Experience is everything - Piece on Huxley and Perennial Philosphy from Bruce Chilton (Guardian)

17 Meditation Improves Cognitive Skills in Just Four Days

15 Mind Over Matter Meditation: Effective Gene Therapy

14 Interesting piece on mindfulness for sleep - falling awake, perhaps?

4 Researchers see promise in treating addictive behaviors with mindfulness meditation

4 Mummy, can we meditate now? How relaxation exercises can help your child to sleep

3 Meditation reduces the emotional impact of pain - new study from Manchester University

May 2010

26 Want to beat tinnitus? Try meditating for 20 minutes

'Meditation On Prescription: Charity Urges New Remedy For Depression' (Guardian), 'GPs Should Prescribe Meditation for Depression' (Times), 'GP Access To Depression Treatment Is 'Too Narrow'' (BBC), Buddhism Beats Depression (Guardian), 'Meditation 'Should Be Routinely Available On NHS' (Telegraph). Press coverage accompanying the launch of The Mental Health Foundation's Be Mindful Report, written by Ed.

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